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24/9/2020 · Romanian: compact-disc n, disc compact, CD Russian: компа кт-ди ск m (kompákt-dísk), CD m (CD), си-ди m (si-dí) Scottish Gaelic: meanbh-chlàr m Spanish: disco compacto m Thai: ซ ด (sii-dii) Ukrainian: компа кт-ди ск m (kompákt-dýsk) …
Compact Disc-Digital Audio,簡稱CD-DA
名詞解釋: 雷射唱片是光碟(Optical Disc)的一種型式,由於其內容所錄製的是數位化的聲音(Digital Audio)而得其英文名稱–Compact Disc-Digital Audio,也因此是錄音資料的一種。 由於雷射唱片的發明與普及化,目前多將原先的唱片稱為傳統唱片以資分辨。
描述 A vectorized compact disc (CD) 日期 24 7月 2007 (original upload date) 來源 This file was derived from: Compact Disc.jpg by Kulshrax Typical Compact Disc.svg by Noclip 作者 The original uploader was Sakurambo~commonswiki at Wikimedia Commons.
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遠東少年中文 (第三冊) (學生作業本用 CD 1片)
[1] Merriam-Webster Online Thesaurus „compact disc [1] Englisch-Englisches Wörterbuch, Thesaurus und Enzyklopädie „ compact disc “ [1] PONS Englisch-Deutsch, Stichwort: „ compact disc “
Compact disc
Compact disc (CD) is a digital optical disc data storage format that was co-developed by Philips and Sony to store and play digital audio recordings. It was released in 1982 branded as Digital Audio Compact Disc.The readable surface of a compact disc includes a
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A CD. A small optical disk on which data such as music, text, or graphic images is digitally encoded. In the 20th century, the spelling compact disc was preferred by persons in the UK, while compact disk was preferred by persons in the USA. Recently, the
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CDex 2.24 免安裝中文版
Total Uninstall 7.0.0 中文版 – 軟體移除及軟體安裝監控工具 Auto Recycle Bin 1.10 – 自動清理資源回收筒 Core Temp 1.16 免安裝中文版 – 電腦溫度監控軟體 CDex 2.24 免安裝中文版 – 老牌抓音軌軟體 幫你把光碟轉MP3 Network Password Recovery 1.55 免安裝
The compact disc first surfaced in the public eye 15 years after its invention when Philips made an announcement on May 17, 1978. The new standard was proposed by Philips and Sony in 1980 as “Red Book”, which was a set of color-bound books containing the technical specifications for all CD and CD …
本文說明安裝或解除安裝程式後,CD 或 DVD 光碟機無法運作,遺失或無法辨識的問題。 在檔案總管(在 Windows 7 及舊版 Windows中稱為 Windows 檔案總管)中未發現您的 CD 或 DVD 光碟,並且在裝置管理員中為該裝置標示黃色驚嘆號。
商務中文開口說 基礎篇 (簡體版) (1書 + 1 MP3 CD) - 成年人教材(英語版) - 學習中文
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CDex 2.16 免安裝中文版 ~ 將音樂光碟轉成 MP3,WAV 等格式
CDex 是一套免費的將音樂 CD 轉成 MP3,WAV 格式的軟體,之所以要將音樂光碟轉成音樂格式存在電腦上,主要是因為避免光碟的一直讀取造成刮傷。CDex 最大的特色就是可以從遠端資料庫中,直接讀取音樂 CD 的專輯名稱,歌曲名稱,而且讀取成功率相當高
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Full-text case law on compact disc is available from West Publishing Company for Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Washington, in addition to previously released case law sets for California, Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, and New York.
遠東天天中文 (第一冊) 光碟 (CD-ROM 1片) (for PC/MAC) - 學習中文 - 數位學習
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Compact Disc Background Ever since the invention of the phonograph in 1876, music has been a popular source of home entertainment. In recent years, the compact disc [1] has become the playback medium of choice for recorded music.
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1 東華三院姚達之紀念小學(元朗) 2 聖公會基福小學 3 保良局志豪小學 4 屯門官立小學 5 聖公會青衣主恩小學 6 將軍澳循道衛理 recordable compact disc

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A compact disc, or CD, is an optical storage medium with digital data recorded on it. The digital data can be in the form of audio, video, or computer information. When the CD is played, the information is read or detected by a tightly focused light source
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